Why Choose En-Pro?

For nearly three decades, industries in Canada continue to choose En-Pro as their partner to reduce and control energy costs. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled value through our:

  • Reputation – with a proven track record of 28 years’ experience in energy and commodity markets.
  • Transparency – we work solely on behalf of our clients and have no ties of any kind to suppliers, marketers or brokers. En-Pro is not a registered agent of the utilities, we are completely transparent. We effectively manage utility and supplier contracts from the sidelines.
  • Objectivity – We provide unbiased advice and recommendations; we only do what’s in the best interest of our clients – not the suppliers or brokers.
  • Efficiency – We have dedicated resources and on-line reporting. You will have a team within En-Pro including a field representative, a technical services manager, and an inside technical support representative, ensuring you always receive the service you require.
  • Flexibility – We have multiple supply options available to the user e.g., term, spot, or system gas.
  • We guarantee you peace of mind – our Energy Management Services constantly bring to your attention opportunities and risks to be avoided to ensure you are always on the leading edge.

En-Pro delivers:

  • Confidence and credibility

  • Knowledge and expertise

  • Commitment to professionalism

  • An on-going working partnership

  • Bottom line, quantifiable results

We help our clients receive the best available prices for their energy and commodities at all times. We have a staff of dedicated Energy Associates, Petroleum Analysts and Cost Advisors. En-Pro provides exceptional service, proven, and trusted advice ~ and above all ~ integrity in times of volatile energy markets.