Natural Gas

Natural Gas Management from a Cost Perspective

Stabilize your natural gas costs with an innovative procurement strategy customized for your specific needs. We make sure you’re connected to the right suppliers, and you’re in the right agreements, paying the lowest possible prices at all times. Our team of leading Natural Gas Analysts ensure your interests are always protected.

After determining each client’s risk tolerance and cost reduction goals, we complete a thorough review of all current supply arrangements and present our Initial Report with our recommendations, which include:

  • Determining the best supply alternatives, either through the local utility or a direct marketer of energy.
  • Selecting the best supplier from a credit, pricing and flexibility standpoint.
  • Analyzing utility distribution rates.
  • Developing a detailed procurement strategy for supply and transportation, and outlining all market fundamentals that impact pricing.
  • Creation of an Action Plan.

Executing the best supply arrangement is only the start. Moving forward, we work to ensure that:

  • Pricing strategies are developed to mitigate risks for future periods.
  • Volume balancing is managed directly with the supplier.
  • Performance is tracked through regular reporting.
  • Annual budgets are prepared and updated.