Industrial Commodities

Our Commodity Programs Ensure You Receive and Maintain the Lowest Cost at all Times

Buying commodities is necessary to run your business, but it is difficult to know at the best of times if better pricing and arrangements are available. We have an extensive databank of market intelligence, compiled over 28 years, along with experienced professionals who know the best pricing, terms, and conditions that will make certain you receive the best deal at all times.

“Prices for compressed gases, lubricants, chemicals and disposal services are completely unregulated and vary significantly between suppliers and customers. We bring you the unknown information that will ensure you pay the lowest price.”

George Kral, Senior Commodities Analyst

After reviewing your data, we complete a thorough analysis and a full Cost Improvement Report that includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current pricing and contract terms with all areas of potential improvement.
  • An analysis of the present market conditions in your area to ensure all possible supply alternatives are known.
  • A recommended strategy that uses proven negotiation techniques on how to implement the pricing and contract improvements with minimal effort.

Moving forward, we regularly review rates, price changes, and proposals to ensure the best arrangements remain in place.