Leadership Team

Ed Lukow, FCPA, FCA, President/CEO

“Energy markets, like the economy, are volatile and susceptible to sudden and significant swings. Political factors lead to changes in regulations that can create both opportunities and risks that businesses must be aware of in order to be protected. Our team at En-Pro successfully helps businesses navigate these tumultuous markets. In order to maintain a competitive edge, businesses today must be ahead of the pack and ready to react when markets change. They must also take advantage of all price reduction opportunities as soon as they become available. As prepared or informed as a business may be, there are always wild cards that can negatively impact costs – our role is ensure that impact is mitigated, and all opportunities for cost control and reduction are seized.”

John Kiemele, Vice President/COO

“Corporate executives, risk management, and energy procurement teams rely on us to control and reduce risks associated with procuring and managing energy. Control and risk are closely related, and two things we all know are we need to make sure we’re protected. We pride ourselves on taking away the worry associated with procuring energy and giving you peace of mind, by:

  • Continuously monitoring and reporting to you on the results achieved.
  • Guaranteeing the programs and strategies we put in place for you.
  • Taking care of your energy procurement so you can focus on your business.
  • Ensuring your annual budget is stable.

We believe approaches to energy management must evolve at all times. Energy markets are more complex today than at any other time in our firm’s history. With regulations and markets constantly changing, there are risks that need to be avoided and important opportunities that exist, which many companies are not made aware of.

New players enter the scene with clever products and marketing tactics that are there only to take advantage of consumers. Speculators cause prices to swing by significant amounts thereby severely impacting budgets. En-Pro is at the forefront of the most innovative and cost effective strategies.

Our team of Energy Advisors and Petroleum Analysts constantly monitor the markets. Our unique, transparent, and objective strategies ensure you receive the best arrangements and prices at all times. That’s what we have been doing successfully for more than 30 years.”