“The transportation of goods by road, rail and air require the carrier to cross provincial and state lines and this is especially true given Canada’s commodity based economy whose largest trading partner is the largest economy in the world – of course, the USA.

It is important for the Canadian consumer of transportation fuels to understand that fuel prices and formulations are not “Made in Canada” and it is our goal to educate the client on what sets today’s pricing and what can change this formula in the near and distant future.

If the rules suddenly change, which they’re prone to do, we provide the consumer with the questions to ask why and the technical backup to justify the questions.

It is important to remember that the consumer does not work for the oil industry but the oil industry exists because of the consumer.” Roger McKnight, Sr. Petroleum Analyst

Canada’s trucking industry relies on us to power their fleets by providing the information they need to obtain the lowest possible fuel cost at all times, whether it be cardlock, bulk or retail.  We have an extensive database of information and buying strategies that enables each of our clients to obtain the lowest possible rate at all times.