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Consumers are concerned about Going Green, and so is business. But what does Going Green really mean for business? Of course it means reducing the impact your company has on the environment, but what are the implications for your industry?

En-Pro works with manufacturers and businesses of all sizes to decipher everything from the relatively new and complicated world of carbon credits and trading – to penalties of non-compliance.

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There are many energy suppliers making it easier for companies to make a difference in this highly charged environmental landscape, helping industries reduce the environmental impact of electricity and natural gas consumption. As consumers demand more environmentally sensitive products, there are solid opportunities for businesses to embrace clean energy solutions.

One way to support renewable energy is through the acquisition of Renewable Energy Credits or RECs. When you purchase RECs, you pay for the environmental benefits fostered by renewable generation when it is delivered to the larger power grid. This purchase helps the renewable generator to cover additional costs associated with these new technologies, and encourages the development of more clean energy.

Electricity – most grid-supplied electricity relies on fossil fuels for at least part of the generation mix. But businesses are discovering a multitude of reasons to include clean energy in their electricity portfolios, including improved community relations and reducing environmental impact.

Natural gas – although a relatively clean fossil fuel, natural gas produces emissions of carbon dioxide when it is burned. Carbon dioxide is considered a major greenhouse gas by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and greenhouse gases are thought to be a major contributor to climate change. By reducing your consumption of natural gas, you save money and emit lower amounts of pollution. Of course, all businesses need energy for their processes, so the purchase of verified emission reductions (VERs) achieved by other organizations can offer a convenient way to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your consumption of natural gas.

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