En-Pro Energy Report


Each week, our clients, along with key members of the news media, energy firms and senior business executives across Canada receive our Weekly Energy Report (WER).

For more information on how to receive a copy of the Weekly Energy Report, contact us at info@en-pro.com.

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The Weekly Energy Report is a comprehensive look at the world of energy and commodities and is supported by graphs and commentary from our analysts in our petroleum, natural gas, electricity, chemical, waste, and environmental risk management divisions.

WER is an excellent tool designed to help you navigate through the complex world of energy and commodities. The reports are written in simple to understand terms to help you to better understand what’s impacting energy and commodities in Canada and around the world.

Highlights include:

  • Energy commentary
  • Natural gas and electricity summary
  • Canadian electricity pricing summary
  • NYMEX futures pricing for crude and natural gas
  • Natural gas inventory and injection history
  • Daily spot average
  • Hourly power prices
  • Distillate and gasoline demand
  • Petroleum tracking derivatives
  • Canadian diesel rack prices
  • U.S., product demand
  • U.S. inventories
  • U.S. refinery production and demand

For more information on how you may receive a copy of the Weekly Energy Report, contact us at info@en-pro.com.