January 15, 2021

As of January 1, 2021, John R. Kiemele is appointed President and CEO.
John also announces the appointments of:
Deighton Jarrett to Vice-President, Energy Services, and;
Victoria Hennessey to Vice-President, Finance.
Former President and CEO, Edward Lukow will remain as Secretary Treasurer

No end in sight for gasoline demand: Roger McKnight

September 4, 2020

Today on BNN/BLOOMBERG’S COMMODITIES. Roger McKnight talks with Andrew Bell about the current gasoline situation in north America.

Chief Petroleum Analyst Roger McKnight on the Hurricanes hitting the Gulf Coast

August 26, 2020

En-Pro’s Chief Petroleum Analyst discuss the impact hurricanes in the Gulf Coast are having on oil and gas prices

BNN/BLOOMBERG’s Hilary Punchard asks EN-PRO’s Roger McKnight to break down the cost of gas in relation to the price of oil

July 16, 2020

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Oil watchers applaud swift delivery of OPEC and supply cuts

May 19, 2020

Roger McKnight explains oil supply cuts on BNN/BLOOMBERG’s COMMODITIES

Chief Petroleum Analyst Roger McKnight doesn’t expect gas prices to increase significantly

April 30, 2020

Until demand comes back from both the private consumer and heavy industry, then prices should remain low.

Gas prices spike in Saskatoon

April 29, 2020

Roger McKnight explains why gas prices are spiking in Saskatoon due to refineries scaling down during COVID-19 pandemic

‘Take your time, there’s no need to fill up,’ drivers told as experts predict further drop in price of gas | The Star

April 1, 2020

Roger McKnight, chief petroleum analyst with En-Pro, says the price of gas in the GTA could fall a further two to three cents per litre in the short term and will remain under pressure as long as the virus is a threat and as long as Russia and Saudi Arabia keep up the pricing war.

Price of gas to plunge again

March 24, 2020

Roger McKnight, explains that the price of gas could continue to plummet as long as Russia and Saudi Arabia keep up the pricing war.


March 20, 2020

Chief Petroleum Analyst Roger McKnight says the decline is a result of oil price wars and reduced demand from consumers as more people stay indoors due to COVID-19.