This week on BNN’s Commodities with Andrew Bell

December 4, 2017

Roger McKnight talks oil and gas prices across Canada for the following week

No Relief At The Pumps As Irma Heads Inland

September 8, 2017

Roger McKnight explains why gas prices will continue to dramatically fluctuate — Andrew Seale, Yahoo Finance Canada

Gas Prices To Spike Up To 15 Cents By Saturday

September 1, 2017

The 680 News/En-Pro Gas Update is following the rising cost of gas prices in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Roger McKnight Explains Why Gas Prices Will Continue To Rise In The West Due To Hurricane Harvey

September 1, 2017

Fall-out from Hurricane Harvey is far reaching – Roger McKnight explains why

It’s A Canada Day Miracle For Gas Prices

June 29, 2017

Roger McKnight explains why tough times in the oil patch make for cheap gas in Canada this summer

Loblaw sells chain of 213 gas stations to Brookfield for $540M

April 20, 2017

Chief Petroleum Analyst, Roger McKnight explains why he expects more gas station networks to be sold off until politicians step in to ensure competition

12 of the last 13 years – gas prices have gone up due to semi-annual refinery maintenance – but this year is different

April 5, 2017

Inventories dropping but demand edging up in the U.S., indicating refineries are slowing down and making less – Roger McKnight tells CBC Radio’s Rick Cluff why

Smoking hot U.S. and Canadian economy to blame for rising gas prices

April 4, 2017

Roger McKnight explains why the red hot economy is raising gas prices

Is Ontario’s new ‘Fair’ Hydro Plan fair for all Ontarians?

March 14, 2017

The Ontario government’s new Fair Hydro Plan is misleading. En-Pro Vice President and COO, John Kiemele explains why in a special White Paper report.

Gas prices soar as cap-and-trade program kicks in

January 5, 2017

Roger McKnight tells why the Ontario government estimated an increase at the pumps of 4.3 cents but doesn’t factor in the HST, which will bring the increase closer to 4.8 cents a litre