Gas prices in Canada will feel slight impact from Saudi attack, for now: Roger McKnight weighs in

September 17, 2019

By Rachael D’Amore — National Online Journalist — Global News Monday September 16, 2019 Oil prices surged Monday in the aftermath of an attack on one of the world’s biggest crude oil processing plants, but analysts don’t anticipate a significant jump at Canadian pumps just yet. “We’re going to dodge a bullet because of timing,” […]

Roger McKnight discusses – GTA gas prices poised to spike after drone attack on Saudi oilfield

September 17, 2019

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Lower taxes, more government regulation? Experts weigh in on gas price inquiry

September 5, 2019

“The Rocky Mountains are a magical barrier to logic … as far as prices are concerned,” says Roger McKnight, chief petroleum analyst with En-Pro International Inc.

You can thank the Trump effect for lower gas prices

August 30, 2019

Roger McKnight explains the continuing drop in gas prices

This week in Truck News: En-Pro’s Chief Petroleum Analyst, Roger McKnight discusses the “Trump factor” in the oil markets

August 30, 2019

Albertans welcome cheaper gas as carbon tax ends

June 7, 2019

Roger McKnight said Kenney clearly kept his promise, and noted that Albertans are feeling the effects immediately.

Iceberg! Straight ahead in the form of a new TAX Canadians will have to pay as of Monday April 1st

March 29, 2019

03/29/2019 — John Kiemele discusses why the federal government’s new carbon tax will be taxing on Canadians

TVO’s David Rockne Corrigan interviews En-Pro’s Roger McKnight on Ontario premiere, Doug Ford’s involvement in lowering gas prices

November 21, 2018

ANALYSIS: The premier’s claim that his government has knocked almost five cents off the per-litre price of gas is credible, writes David Rockne Corrigan — but where the next five cents will come from is anyone’s guess.

5 cent drop in gas not because of cap and trade coming out

September 20, 2018

Roger McKnight speaks to Richard Southern of city news about the dramatic drop in price at the gas pumps

This week on BNN/Bloomberg’s Commodities, a look ahead at gas prices across Canada

August 24, 2018

Roger McKnight discusses gas prices now that the driving season is coming to an end