March 20, 2020

Chief Petroleum Analyst Roger McKnight says the decline is a result of oil price wars and reduced demand from consumers as more people stay indoors due to COVID-19.

Alberta’s economy to be hit hard by plummeting oil prices

March 11, 2020

Roger McKnight discusses how coronavirus is impacting Alberta’s oil sector

Gas to drop another 7 cents amid Coronavirus-Covid-19 concerns

March 9, 2020

Roger McKnight breaks it down for us

Why Diesel Prices will go up

February 18, 2020

Roger McKnight writes about why diesel prices will rise in this week’s Truck News

This week on BNN/BLOOMBERG’S Commodities Report

February 18, 2020

Roger McKnight, chief petroleum analyst at En-Pro International, joins BNN for a closer look at what Canadian consumers can expect to pay at the gas pumps ahead of the weekend.

This week on BNN/BLOOMBERG’S Commodities Report

January 17, 2020

Roger McKnight explains why eastern Canada can expect gas price relief at the pumps.

Oil prices remain volatile in U.S.-Iran conflict

January 15, 2020

Roger McKnight explains why oil prices are volatile due to escalating tensions between Iran and the U.S.

This week on BNN/BLOOMBERG’S Commodities Report, Rpger McKnight talks about the impact the U.S.-Iran Conflict is having on oil prices

January 10, 2020

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Gas prices in Canada will feel slight impact from Saudi attack, for now: Roger McKnight weighs in

September 17, 2019

By Rachael D’Amore — National Online Journalist — Global News Monday September 16, 2019 Oil prices surged Monday in the aftermath of an attack on one of the world’s biggest crude oil processing plants, but analysts don’t anticipate a significant jump at Canadian pumps just yet. “We’re going to dodge a bullet because of timing,” […]

Roger McKnight discusses – GTA gas prices poised to spike after drone attack on Saudi oilfield

September 17, 2019

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